SE Kentucky sees snow on highest elevations

10:45 PM, Oct 29, 2012   |    comments
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Southeast Kentucky got hit with several inches of snow after a cold front from the northwest and Hurricane Sandy intertwined Monday night.

The bulk of the snow is currently falling on Black Mountain, north of Harlan and west of Wise, Virginia.

Authorities said locals need to remain indoors until the storm passes. Lynch, Ky., Police Chief Michael Nunley also urged drivers to use caution on the roads.

"One thing's for sure, you can see on the roads we're on," Nunley said. "The roads are already snow covered up here. We have several inches of snow and we're expecting more. We would urge anyone to use caution when they are traveling and only travel if they have to."

The police chief also said the storm was very unusual for the area with its blizzard-like conditions. He said as the snow falls, chances increase that the area could potentially see power outages as well.

As of 8:28 p.m., the Kentucky Department of Transportation said driving conditions on Route 119 near the Bell, Harlan County line were "difficult." KDOT is warning drivers to look out for snow on the roadway. However, it did note the pavement in that area has been treated.

According to Chief Meteorologist Todd Howell, the area around Black Mountain could see anywhere between 6 to 12 inches.

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