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Mathnasium hosts math-inspired Halloween party

9:47 PM, Oct 31, 2012   |    comments
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Halloween is a time for kids to dress up like ghosts, goblins or witches, but one Knoxville business put a new kind of spin on the holiday.

Mathnasium hosted a Halloweenie Party where students dressed in math-inspired costumes and grilled hot dogs. A math magician did math card tricks while other people played games.

The store owner said this is just a fun way to get kids excited about math.

"What we're doing is engaging. We want to engage the imagination, engage the child who's going to enjoy and then that opens them up for learning. It's all just part of the great experience," said Mike O'Hearn, the Mathnasium's owner.

O'Hearn's math-inspired costume was "Sir Cumference," the knight who measured the Round Table.

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