Thousands take a 'Stand in the Gap'

11:07 PM, Nov 4, 2012   |    comments
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Thousands of people across East Tennessee and Kentucky came together Sunday to march and pray for an end to the drug abuse plaguing their communities.

Last year 8,000 people gathered in Cumberland Gap for the annual "Stand In The Gap" event.

This year they split up the locations for the march across several counties.

Organizers estimate more than 2,000 people attended one of the seven sites Sunday, in New Tazewell.

"One of the great victories of these marches is that people of all denominations are coming together," says Coordinator Edwin Robertson.

Each year the event seems to gain momentum.

"Sadly the prescription drug problem gets bigger and bigger too," says Robertson.

"Stand In The Gap," is a biblical reference to Ezekiel 22:30 and Robertson says the event is an appeal to God to save their communities.

Robertson says the group hopes to lobby Washington lawmakers to form a tri-cities federal drug task force, who will be able to enforce drug laws across state lines.

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