Knoxville business uses YouTube to find tire dumpers

7:47 PM, Nov 5, 2012   |    comments
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This image shows two men Knoxville Solid Waste would like to speak with.

A Northeast Knoxville business, which wants to remain anonymous, uses YouTube to catch possible illegal tire dumpers.

"It not only makes our area look bad, but it is expensive for business owners to clean this stuff up," said James Tidrick Jr., who works at a nearby company.

The YouTube video was posted on 10News' Facebook page.  The video was taped near a warehouse at the 1700 block of Whittle Springs Road.

The business said two men pulled up before 1 p.m. Saturday afternoon and dumped a bunch of tires over a four minute time period.

The business wants who they call "illegal tire dumpers" to pay.

Knoxville Solid Waste wants the two men's names.

"Typically, the fine is going to be the cost of cleaning it up.  So, anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to several thousand dollars," said David Brace, Director of Public Service.  "If you're a tire company, that is on you to dispose of those tires properly through a contractor where they are either shredded or disposed of in the correct manner."

If you know these men, Brace asks you call 3-1-1 during the day and leave a tip.

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