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2:07 AM, Nov 7, 2012   |    comments
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Keep checking back here throughout the night for election updates and some behind the scenes tidbits from the 10News Information Center on this election night.

2:06 am.  NBC News coverage continues.  Signing off here for the night.  Time to get some sleep!  More election coverage on Wednesday!

2:02 am.  Alaska goes to Mitt Romney.

1:59 am.  Can't type fast enough!  A few quotes:  "We are not as divided as our politics suggest."  "We remain more than a collection of red states and blue states."  "We are the United States of America.  Thank you America, God bless you"  We'll post the entire speech later in the morning.

1:51 am (paraphrased) Whether I earned your vote or not, I've listened, I've learned from you, I return to White House more determined and inspired than ever.  "We've got more work to do."  Challenges citizens: your role doesn't end with vote.  All must work together.  "America has never been about what can be done for us, but by what can be done by us."

1:42.  Thanks VP Biden.  Thanks First Lady.  "Michelle, I have never loved you more, never have been prouder to watch the rest of America fall in love with you, too."  Sasha and Malia- "before our very eyes, growing up to be two smart, strong women, just like your mom."  Jokes that one dog is probably enough.  Thanks campaign team he calls "best in the history of politics."

1:41 am.  Thanked all voters, no matter who they voted for.  On Romney, "we battled and fought so hard, but only because we both love this country so much."  Looks forward to sitting down with Romney to talk about working together to move this country forward.

1:39 am.  It took a few minutes for the crowd to calm down so he could speak.  "You, the American people, remind us while the road has been hard and the journey has been hard, has picked itself up and fought back.  We know in our hearts the best is yet to come."

1:36 am.  President Obama and family taking the stage now.  My, house this little girls have grown up!  Rousing applause from supporters in Chicago.

1:26 am. NBC's Chuck Todd tweet: "It took Barack Obama exactly 12 minutes longer to win a second term this year. We called it at 11pm in 2008. And at 11:12pm in 2012"

12:56 am.  A gracious Mitt Romney speaking now.  Says he just called the President to congratulate him and wish him well.  Thanking his supporters and his wife, Ann, the "love of his life."  Says she would have been a wonderful First Lady.   Also thanking his children and their families.

12:46 am.  NBC reporting that Obama is pulling ahead in the popular vote as California votes are being counted.

12:40 am.  USA Today calls Virginia for Obama.

12:27 am.  USA Today/AP has called Nevada for Obama, NBC still waiting.

12:25 am.  Electoral update: Obama 284 to Romny 203.  Romney still has a narrow lead in the popular vote, but Obama still leading in Florida and Virginia, though they've not been called yet.  

12:12 am. AP: Tenn. Republican DesJarlais re-elected to Congress, overcoming abortion controversy.

12:10 am.  NBC projects Colorado for Obama.

12:00 am.  President Obama leading in Florida and Virginia.  The totals are back and forth in Ohio, even though all networks have called Ohio for Obama, putting him over the top on electoral votes needed.  Romney not ready to concede yet.

11:55 pm.  AP: Republican U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais has posted a wide lead on Democratic challenger Eric Stewart, but the district's largest county is experiencing delays in counting votes. With 67% of precincts reporting, DesJarlais had 77,095 votes, or 59%, compared with Stewart's 54,405, or 41%.

11:45 pm.  NBC News projects the Democratic Party will retain control of the Senate

11:44 pm.  Despite all networks calling it for Obama, NBC News' Kelly O'Donnell reporting the Romney campaign is not conceding Ohio.

11:40 pm. Acc. to Knox Administrator of Elections Clifford Rogers: Knox Co. still counting 6000 absentee votes, should be done by 1 am.  Only race this could affect is House Dist. 13, where Johnson currently leads Loe.  There are 500 provisional ballots that also need to be counted later this week.

11:37 pm.  Acc. to USA Today, a crowd at a Chicago convention center began cheering and dancing after the Ohio call, as The Supreme's "You Can't Hurry Love" over loudspeakers. Romney is on his way to a convention center in Boston to deliver his concession speech; Obama will follow him with remarks in Chicago.

11:17 pm.  President Obama tweeting:  Four more years.  We're all in this together. That's how we campaigned, and that's who we are. Thank you. -bo.  This happened because of you. Thank you

11:12 pm.  NBC projecting Ohio for President Obama.  That would give him the electoral votes he needs to win four more years in the White House.

11:08 pm.  NBC calls Romney "apparent" winner in North Carolina.  That takes Romney to 203 electoral votes to Obama's 243.

11:04 pm.  Pres. Obama surging in electoral numbers with California win (55 e.v.'s).  He now leads 243 to 188.  Popular vote, by the way, has Romney leading by 2 percentage points with 51% of the vote counted.  Still some key states left to call: Ohio, Florida, Virginia. 

11:02 pm.  NBC & AP calls California, Washington, and Hawaii for Obama.  AP gives Idaho to Romney.. will update electoral numbers soon.

10:56 pm.  NBC calls Missouri for Romney.  AP calls North Carolina for Romney, no call yet from NBC on NC.

10:50 pm.  Acc. to Lt Gov. Ron Ramsey, Republicans have achieved a super majority in state senate.  26 to 7.

10:46 pm.  NBC calls Minnesota for Obama.

10:42 pm.  Despite Knox Co. reporting 100% of the resulta are in, we're learning that 6000 absentee votes are still being counted in.  That could be enough to sway a close race, like the Johnson/Roe battle for House... we'll keep you updated..

10:40 pm.  All liquor votes pass in Hawkins County.

10:37 pm.  Final from Blount County.. sales tax increase fails with 52% voting no.

10:35 pm.  Romney takes Arizona, according to NBC.  Updated electoral votes:  174 to 162 in favor of Romney.  270 is the magic number.  Some big, important states not final yet.

10:33 pm.  Looks like we've got our computer issues fixed.. you should be able to get many final results on our election page:  http://www.wbir.com/news/elections/results/default.aspx

10:22 pm.  Looking like Blount Co. sales tax increase will fail.

10:17 pm.  Getting a little behind on these projections.. sorry.. computer issues!  NBC calling Utah and Montana for Romney, New Hampshire for Obama.

10:08 pm.  Ah, technology.  We're restarting the computer that sends election results to the website.  So sorry for the delay!!

10:05 pm.  Pigeon Forge liquor by the drink passes.

10:00 pm. Knox County final numbers are in.  Gloria Johnson defeats Gary Loe in tight House Dist. 13 race, with 48% of the vote. Massey defeats McGill in Senate 6th District.

9:55 pm.  More liquor referendum results:  Etowah says yes to liquor by the drink and package stores.  Oliver Springs votes down package stores.  Madisonville approves liquor by the drink.

9:52 pm.  Just FYI, we're frantically calling election commissions across East Tennessee to get results.. it takes some time to get the numbers in, so sorry for the delays.

9:40 pm.  NBC updated electoral map shows 153 for Romney, 158 for Obama. 

9:34 pm.  House Dist. 13 race tight between Gloria Johnson (49%) and Gary Loe (46%) with 7% of votes counted. 

9:30 pm.  Wisconsin goes to Obama, according to NBC.  That's GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan's home state, and a big swing state. 

9:30 pm.  Becky Duncan Massey leading Evelyn McGill for State Senate. 

9:25 pm.  Lots of liquor referendums across E. TN tonight.. results from Scott County are in.  Package stores pass by 1 vote in Winfield, liquor by the drink passes by 20 votes.  Both measures fail in Huntsville.

9:15 pm.  NBC projecting Pennsylvania for Obama. Electoral vote right now:  153 for Romney, 148 for Obama. 

9:12 pm.  Still early numbers, but it looks like Knox Co. and Knoxville voters will approve closing pension plan to new employees.   The yes votes are leading by a wide margin with 35% of the vote counted.

9:08 pm.  NBC projecting Obama wins in New Jersey.

9:02 pm.  NBC projections as polls close across the country:  Romney wins Texas, Louisiana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming.  Obama wins New York, Michigan, New Mexico.  Too early to call: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arizona.  Electoral votes- Romney 154, Obama 114

8:59 pm.  Lots of polls closing across the country at 9:00 pm.  We're expecting a lot of NBC projections very soon!!

8:45 pm.  Knox Co. numbers now coming in!  We'll have them up soon on our elections page:  http://www.wbir.com/news/elections/results/default.aspx

8:35 pm. From reporter Jennifer Meckles via twitter:  "House District 13 candidate Gloria Johnson just walked in to crowds applause."  She's at the Square Room with Knoxville democrats.

8:33 pm.  Tweet from reporter Hillary Lake:   "Knox Co. GOP party has started at Crowne Plaza. Low-key music & lights. Not low-key moods around room." The democrats are watching results at the Square Room on Market Square.

8:28 pm.  Knox Co. election commission is waiting on a couple lines of people to finish voting, then they'll start releasing early and absentee voting results.

8:25 pm.  From the AP -- Chuck Fleischmann, GOP, elected U.S. House, District 3, Tennessee.

8:24 pm.  No surprises so far.  No results yet from any of those important battleground states.  This is going to be a long night, folks!

8:22 pm.  From USA Today: Romney leads the popular vote by 51% to 47%, though only 1% of the vote is in.

Romney leads the popular vote by 51% to 47%, though only 1% of the vote is in

8:11 pm.  Some AP and 10News projections:  Rep. Phil Roe (Dist. 1) and Rep. John Duncan (Dist. 2) re-elected.

8:05 pm.  NBC and 10News projecting Republican Senator Bob Corker wins.

8:02 pm.  NBC projections right now:  Obama wins Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, Washington DC, Maine.  Romney wins Tennessee, Alabama, Oklahoma, Mississippi.  Too close to call: Florida, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Missouri.  Electoral votes:  Romney 82, Obama 64.

8:00 pm.  Polls closing in Tennessee and many other states. 

7:55 pm.  NBC calls Georgia for Romney.  16 electoral votes.

7:50 pm.  Robin & John headed to the studio for our first local update of the night at 7:54.  We'll check in on the lines at the Knox County polls, and at the Knoxville Republican and Democrat watch parties.  

7:40 pm.  We may have a delay getting Knox County results.  There are still long lines at some polling places, and everyone in line when the polls close at 8 pm will get to vote.  No results will be released until everyone in line has cast their ballot.

7:35 pm.  NBC calls South Carolina for Romney.  9 electoral votes.

7:33 pm.  NBC calls West Virginia for Romney. 5 electoral votes.

7:30 pm.  Polls close in North Carolina.  NBC says it's still too close to call.  As of right now, Romney has 24 electoral votes, Obama has 3.  They need 270 to win.

7:10 pm.  The polls don't close in East Tennessee for another hour, but voting has ended in several states.  NBC News projecting Indiana for Romney. Kentucky for Romney. Vermont for Obama. Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia too early to call.

7:00 pm.  Everyone at 10News is enjoying a little Salsaritas for dinner.  It's an election night tradition to bring in food because so many of us are working extra long hours to cover all the races.  Now we're fueled up and ready to go as the polls start closing in several states. 


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