Police: Drunk driver slams into Alcoa gas station, injuring one

6:50 PM, Nov 8, 2012   |    comments
  • Richard Doyle
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Alcoa Police have charged a Maryville man with DUI after he slammed his car into a gas station on Thursday morning.

Investigators say Richard Doyle, 51, was pulling into the Marathon gas station on Louisville Road when he hit the gas instead of the brake.  Doyle is accused of driving through a window at the front of the store.

A customer sitting in a booth inside was showered with glass, and had to be taken to the hospital for stitches. Officers said he had several cuts on his side, arms, and hands.

Two employees were also inside the business, but weren't hurt. The clerks descirbed the accident as sounding like a bomb had exploded.

The gas station remained open Thursday as cleanup crews swept up the mess and boarded up the windows.

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Police in Alcoa are investigating after a vehicle slammed into a convenience store.

It happened at a Marathon gas station there around 10:00 Thursday morning.

Officials say one person inside the store was injured, we do not know the extent of those injuries.  The driver was not hurt.

We will update you on this as we receive more information.

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