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Knoxville firefighters practice dealing with a building collapse

6:37 PM, Nov 8, 2012   |    comments
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Knoxville firefighters are getting some hands-on experience In training for a rescue situation in a collapsed building.

The city bought the property on Holbrook Drive in North Knoxville as part of a street widening and bridge building project.  A house on the land has to go, so the city is allowing firefighters to use it for training.

KFD has three heavy rescue teams, and each team gets one day to use the building for training.

The firefighters are practicing different scenarios that involve cutting into a building, then shoring it up to prevent collapse during a rescue.

Officials say this helps firefighters prepare for real life situations in ways that a training facility can't.

"When you got a house that they partially demolished, you come in and everything's different. It's more realistic if you're out on the actual scene," says Captain Cecil Risden.

The training continues tomorrow.  After that, the city will finish tearing down the home.

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