Gun interest in East TN increases with Obama re-election

12:35 AM, Nov 14, 2012   |    comments
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East Tennessee gun shops say more people are showing interest in firearms as some Americans show concern President Barack Obama will introduce new gun control legislation.

Coal Creek Armory said it had a line out of its store the Wednesday following President Obama's re-election to office. Crossville Pawn and Guns also told 10News it has seen a few more people buy guns from its stores as well.

More information: TBI Background Check Statistics 

Gun sales in the country have risen steadily since President Obama first ran for his White House seat in 2008. Each year since then, the TBI has conducted more background checks on Tennesseans looking to buy guns.
  • 2008: 271,857 TBI background checks
  • 2009: 299,042
  • 2010: 299,200
  • 2011: 346,764

In 2012, through October 31, TBI has conducted 327,879 checks.

While President Obama has yet to announce any plans to create new gun laws, gun shop owners like Brant Williams, of Frontier Firearms in Kingston, fear that will still do so by the end of his second term.

More information: FBI Background Check Statistics 

Williams said while President Obama has not promoted any new gun control legislation, he believes Senate Democrats will.

"He will certainly go along with gun control legislation other people produce," Williams said.

He also said more people are coming to his store to buy guns because they fear for the country's future.

"We ask [customers], 'what brought you here today?'" Williams said. "They don't bring up President Obama, it's not politics, they [say], 'I believe things are going to get bad in this country and I want to be ready when they do."

But, gun enthusiasts like Allen Lay of Rockwood, are skeptical. He said he does not believe the government will create legislation limiting gun ownership.

"I don't think there's going to be a big drop," he said.

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