Thousands watch Coleman retrial online

8:36 PM, Nov 14, 2012   |    comments
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The Christian-Newsom murders both captivated and devastated East Tennesseans, and the original trials of the four defendants were no different.

Even the second time around, Vanessa Coleman's trial has viewers glued to their computer screens.

10News recorded 14,000 live streams on the first day of the trial. That's up more than 3,000 from the first day of her original trial.

At the Chesterfield Finance office, employees Heather Johnson and Leslie Burress are taking every break they get to watch the trial.

"We'll listen to it on our laptops and keep up with it on our cell phones when we have breaks," said Burress.

Both watched Coleman's trial and the three other defendants' trials the first time.

"I cried... felt the rage along with the parents," said Johnson.

They were devastated to find out the families would have to relive Coleman's trial again.

"Just as a parent myself. I can't imagine the tragedy they've went through. I wouldn't wish it upon anybody," she said.

"It's part of your family. This is the thing that Knox County has actually come together as a community. We all support the Christian and Newsom families," said Burress.

It's up to a jury to decide if Coleman will be convicted again and retain her 53-year prison sentence.

Psychologist Dr. Ron Brown said the high level of interest could be caused by a number of factors. Dr. Brown said some people empathize with the Christian and Newsom families because they have children or have lost someone in their life.

He also said people watch because they want to see justice served and give a chance for the victim's families to move on with their lives.

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