Israelis brace for long stays in shelters

10:07 AM, Nov 15, 2012   |    comments
Explosion and smoke rise following an Israeli air strike in the northern Gaza/AP
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Israelis are bracing for long stays in protective shelters as the Jewish state continues to exchange fire with militants in the Gaza Strip.

Israel began an air assault Wednesday during a lull in nearly a week of cross-border violence.
An israeli airstrike in Gaza City killed the commander of the Hamas military wing.
Militants fired dozens of rockets and mortars from Gaza in response.
The Israeli military said its Iron Dome Interceptor shot down more than two dozen of the missiles.
The fighting shows no signs of easing.
At least three people were killed in Southern Israel when a missile hit their apartment block Thursday.
Palestinian medical officials said thirteen Palestinians including four civilians have been killed.
An Israeli Defense Ministry Spokesperson talked about Israel's military operation.
"Israel's Minister of Defense Ehud Barak has instructed the IDF to inflict a severe blow to the Hamas terror infrastructure, to Hamas' strategic long-range missiles like the ones that were hit yesterday, the Fajar 5 missiles, and Israel will continue to inflict this blow until we believe that these objectives has been achieved," said Josh Hantman Defense Ministry Spokesperson Josh Hantman.

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