UT fans furious over penalties

8:17 PM, Nov 16, 2012   |    comments
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UT fans are speaking out as word about the football penalties spreads across campus.

"Oh no, this again? I thought it was over with, the probation and everything," said sophomore Patrick MacCoon. "Finding out we have two more years of probation kind of hits the heart a little bit harder now, especially with all the controversy still going on with UT football I think."

"I think that the UT football program already has enough problems on its own already. I really don't think that it's fair. We have plenty of things to worry about already," said junior Broke Laughter.

Even though it is Lane Kiffin's former assistant coach Willie Mack Garza behind the penalties, students are still firing shots at Kiffin for his leadership during his short stint as head coach.

"I just feel like he's a person of low character and you know, I just never really wished him the best when he went to USC and I know there's a lot of people on campus who have the same opinion as I do," said Laughter.

"We obviously hate him because he basically used us to go to USC. So, you know, we pretty much hate him around here," added sophomore Stephen Wilson.

"I think he's a terrible head coach and a disgrace to football. He can't run a clean team," said freshman Tanner Harris.

A lot of concern centered on the future of UT's recruiting and fan base, as the stadium has seen lower attendance numbers this season.

"We'll probably lose some fans here and there because our team won't be as good, and people will stop coming," said Harris. "I've noticed throughout the season our stadium gets smaller and smaller with attendance because of our schedule. We keep losing games, games that we should have won. So for the long run I think we'll lose fans."

Now that the clock has turned back to the Kiffin era yet again, they said they hope the university focuses on leadership next season.

"That's a year I just want to sweep out the memory bank," said MacCoon. "He knew he was the one screwing up so ultimately to come back and like haunt Tennessee I think is probably the most unfair thing they could have done with this situation. It really stinks."

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