Four things to know about Black Friday this year

11:12 PM, Nov 16, 2012   |    comments
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It's one week until Black Friday, but over the last few years the busiest day of shopping has changed, according to experts.

Dan Thompson with Claris Networks said to expect more of a tech presence in this year's day after Thanksgiving shopping melee.

"Everybody is really going after your dollars. obviously they want you to spend it with them," Thompson said.

He, along with an article on, gave a number of differences you'll see this year on Black Friday.

  1. More deals online. According to the MSN article, 70% of all brick and mortar store's Black Friday deals will be available online.
  2. Black Friday advertisements and circulars appearing on social media. No longer are they under lock and key.
  3. More stores offering price matching deals. Experts say if you want a certain gift, and find it online at a cheaper price, then some of these brick and mortar stores will match the offer.
  4. But arguably most noticeable difference? Black Friday is no longer on Friday for five major retailers. They're opening on Thanksgiving itself. It's a controversial move, but experts say it can be the only way for some stores to get the profits they need to get their budgets in the black.

"Every year, are there going to be really incredible deals online only or will you have to get them in the stores on Black Friday?" said Thompson.

Only time will tell.

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