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Near the anniversary of Kyle Anito's death, family has been able to live on his memory, thanks to Twitter

12:24 AM, Nov 20, 2012   |    comments
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It will be a solemn Thanksgiving for the Anito family of North Knox County. This November 26 will be the one-year anniversary of their only son, Kyle's, death.

"We aren't thankful for what happened to him, but we are thankful for all the things we've discovered since his death," his father, Tim, said Monday night.

For 51 weeks, the family has dealt with the 20-year-old's passing after he struck a tree off Andersonville Pike in Halls, then a Tennessee Highway Patrol investigation. Three months later, it was revealed former Trooper Charles Van Morgan chased the man, saw the crash, and chose to ignore it.

In February, he was fired from his duties for those actions.

"Everything that happened to the trooper was a result of Highway Patrol's actions, not ours," Tim Anito added.

Since the crash, the family has looked for support through friends. In return, they got an unusual memorial: a Twitter hashtag. In this case, it was #stArNITOnation.

"I feel like social media helped with it a lot," said friend Zach Vaughn. "It's not a reminder of the incident, but of people coming together. It really helped out a lot."

Now, one year since the crash, there are still plenty of #stArNITOnation Tweets.  Father Tim said it shows that his son will not be forgotten.

"The thought behind what you feel, and it's a permanent record that you can follow -- and it's a treasure now. A treasure that we can follow with our family."

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