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Waiting hours, days in line for Black Friday "worth it" for some customers

1:11 AM, Nov 23, 2012   |    comments
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A sidewalk poker game is not considered a normal Thanksgiving tradition in most of walks of life -- but for four Farragut High School sophomores, it's just passing the time until midnight. That's when Black Friday officially begins.

"It's a blast, you're always with your friends and meeting new people. And the anticipation of waiting until Black Friday," said Michael Lucas, one of the four teens waiting in front of Best Buy in Turkey Creek. They were the first ones, waiting since Tuesday.

The do admit it is difficult to miss out on the traditional Thanksgiving festivities.

"I like Kettle Cooked jalapeno chips and french onion dip as much as the next person, but I'd rather have a warm turkey if I could be honest," friend Louis Moore added.

As food on people's plates dwindled, lines outside the electronics store grew.  It more than quadrupled in just a couple of hours.

Some were able to get some comforts of home before waiting for TVs and tablets.

"My parents brought me Thanksgiving food so I didn't miss out on the food," said Kingston man Ryan Roick.

"I had breakfast with my family -- that's good enough for me," Alex Roschli added.

For some, the hunt for a bargain is a game. Shawn Reiniche had a bet with his parents, whoever had a shorter line to get a washer and dryer got $200.

Their bet was short lived, as he was first in line at the Farragut H.H. Gregg.

"But it kind of stopped when I got here and there was nobody here," Reiniche said.

That is what many people said: the lines were unexpectedly short hours before the doors opened. However, that changed when the Best Buy had well over 200 customers before midnight.

So while it is unorthodox, it is safe to say new traditions are coming up on Thanksgiving -- spending money while spending time together.

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