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Baumgartner files appeal in federal case

1:44 PM, Nov 23, 2012   |    comments
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Weeks after a jury found him guilty of federal charges, former disgraced Knox County Judge Richard Baumgartner has filed for an appeal.

Baumgartner was convicted on six counts of misprision of a felony on November 2, 2012. The jury deliberated for over 15 hours during three days before coming to unanimous decisions on each of those charges.They acquitted him on one count.

Baumgartner is also asking U.S. Magistrate Ronnie Greer to over-rule the jury's verdicts on the guilty counts, and instead acquit him on those.

And in a third attempt to change the outcome of the trial, Baumgartner is asking the judge to set aside the jury's verdicts because none of the charges involved Baumgartner lying to federal officials.

Baumgartner was indicted on May 15, 2012 for lying to both private citizens and some state officials about about a drug trafficking conspiracy involving his mistress.

He is currently set to be sentenced on March 27, 2013.

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