The Knoxville makeover is about to be revealed

8:04 PM, Nov 26, 2012   |    comments
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In January of this year on a side road in Knoxville, you could hear screaming and one family's world changed, just as they have changed the world of so many others.

Daniel and Mandy Watson sat with a producer at a table waiting for a knock. Just like a few other chosen people in the area, their story is an amazing one. The women and their children that walked through the small white house on Robinson Road left a little different.

Then things changed for the Watsons. Jenny McCarthy and designers arrived on their doorstep.

The Watsons and their three kids were tossed into the limelight and a few TV stations, papers and radio people were waiting on their lawn, and the family along with their extended Restoration House family greeted us.

Silas, the Watson's youngest just wanted to be held and grabbed the microphone. The other kids were not as impressed. After the media event on their lawn, the dog was taken to a spot and the Watsons were whisked away to Florida to the waiting producer, Karen Daniel, who just happens to be from Knoxville and truth be told she used to work at Channel 10.

Anywhoo, the next day the dozers and bobcats stood at the ready to decimate the house while hundreds of volunteers looked on.

As the cold rains and hail came, plus a couple thunderstorms and snow, everybody worked to create an electricity that could be seen and felt.

I could type all day the stories we heard, but the reality is that the city of Knoxville is full of volunteers and as one of the last shows of this series, we'll watch Monday night to see the Watsons, the ladies of Restoration House and all the volunteers change a little.

I can't wait to see inside the main house! I hear Silas has a very cool room.

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