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Your Stories: Hollywood Landscaper

6:55 PM, Nov 28, 2012   |    comments
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Mowing the lawn and pulling weeds are both pretty typical chores, but yard work goes way beyond that for one local man.

When you go to the movies to see big-time blockbusters on the big screen, chances are you aren't looking at the landscape, but there is one moviegoer who does. Chris Slagle has worked on half a dozen movie sets in New Orleans.

"My official title there was a greensman and what I did there was I did landscaping on movie sets," says Slagle.

 And not just mowing lawns. "On Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter we had to turn a field in Covington, LA into a cabin scene in Kentucky. We had to turn a house in the French Quarter into a house in St. Louis," says Slagle.

Every day it was something new. "Sometimes you can look at a building and it'll be a two-story building and the room they want to shoot in needs to be on the ground floor to keep up with the story so basically we set stuff up to make the second story look like it's on the ground floor," says Slagle.

Chris moved his family to New Orleans so he could work on movie sets, huge Hollywood productions. "We've got Miley Cyrus' So Undercover, the pilot show of Houndogs, which is a baseball show based out of Nashville. We've got Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, 21 Jumpstreet," says Slagle.

And he's loved every minute. "It's challenging work, it really is because it's very labor intensive what they ask you to do, but it's so fun to be able to do that and to rub shoulders with the big wigs," says Slagle.

Chris socialized with Hollywood stars on a daily basis. "Channing Tatum is a hoot. He's absolutely hilarious. Jonah Hill, he's a great guy," says Slagle.

But the mountains were calling him back to East Tennessee and so was his childhood home. "I told my mom a long time ago if she ever decided to sell the house I wanted to buy it."

Goodbye Hollywood, hello home sweet home. He now does landscaping for his own company Camouflage Greens.

Chris Slagle, grass and greenery, glitz and glamor. Just another day's work.

"I absolutely love the mountains, the people. The people are good, they're honest," says Slagle

One of Your Stories. There's no place like this one.


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