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Despite slim odds, big Powerball hopes for East Tennesseans

6:59 PM, Nov 28, 2012   |    comments
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Is Wednesday the night someone in America strikes it rich in the Powerball jackpot?

A question on many people's minds, with the lofty dreams of what they would do with that half-a-billion dollar payout.

"Our son needs a new car... My wife and I would buy an RV and travel across the world," said David Correll of Fountain City.

"Single mom with an autistic child- this would go for him," said Stephanie McBrayer of Knoxville.

This afternoon, Powerball tickets leaped from the printer, one every 45 seconds at the Broadway/Adair Pilot.

The odds, miniscule at best, with a 1 out of 175 million shot of winning big.

"I know they are... I know they are... but like I said, God willing," said William Noonan of Knoxville.

In fact, 10News found out you have better chance of getting into the NFL (1:87,847), getting killed by a vending machine (1:112 million), or getting involved in a shark attack (1:11.5 million).

That's not stopping these hopefuls. With a couple of singles, there's always a chance, no matter how remote it could be, there's "a ticket" to financial freedom.

"I'd rather play to win than get struck by lightning!" McBrayer laughed.

The live Powerball drawing can only be found on Channel 10 at 10:59, before 10News Nightbeat.

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