Community discusses proposed dress code for Oneida High School

11:36 PM, Nov 29, 2012   |    comments
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Parents, students and other members of the community met at Oneida High School on Thursday to talk about a proposed dress code.

While the school already has a dress code, administrators hope a more uniform dress code would help alleviate bullying. They say students are often bullied or excluded for not wearing certain brands of clothing.

The new dress code would not be an actual uniform, instead all students would wear similar clothing.

"The parent opinion has really run the gamut. We have parents that are for uniforms, we have parents that are for a uniform dress code, we have parents that like the dress code we have now, parents that would like to see the dress code tweaked, and I think we even have parents that don't see a need for a dress code," said Principal Kevin Byrd.

None of the parents we reached out to would comment on camera, but some did say they feel this move would inhibit their children's individuality.

A committee will now meet to offer input to the director of schools who will then meet with the school board and decide on an exact direction of the new code. There is no time frame on when this would take effect.

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