Big red blimp showers Market Square with Christmas gifts

5:38 PM, Nov 30, 2012   |    comments
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Folks started to wonder yesterday what the big red box was on the stage down at Market Square in Knoxville.

As part of its Holiday Giving Tour, national retailer JCPenney, better known now as JCP, brought some gifts to our community. Knoxville was chosen as part of the 12 city tour.

This morning around 10:30, the blimp lifted up out of the box with fanfare and smoke as people waited for the stockings to be dropped into their eager hands.

We found a couple of ladies waiting, for what they weren't sure.

Heather was just excited that her son would get to see the blimp.

Marilyn and Robin even had a plan of attack, well sort of. Robin said that Marilyn would wait while she ran up to the front.

Chris and her friends promised they link arms and stick together.

Then Angia caught our eye, and she reminded us about the "reason for the season."  She said she was happy to be there and have some fun.

There were a lot of elbows thrown while we were there, mostly for fun, although my toe still smarts from being stepped on.  I should know better than to get in the middle of people and gifts. 

No one was hurt and everyone seemed to be having fun while we were there. The ladies all went back to work and now Marilyn can listen to her iPhone or give the head set that she caught as a gift.

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