Pit bull proponents continue to fight Etowah ban

2:23 AM, Dec 3, 2012   |    comments
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Residents in one East Tennessee city have announced they will continue their fight against a controversial ban on pit bulls.

In October, the Etowah city commission voted to prohibit residents from bringing any new pit bulls within the limits of that McMinn County city. However, Etowah residents who owned pit bulls prior to the ordinance's enactment were allowed to keep their dogs if they registered them with the city by December 1.

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Pit bull owners Sherri Cooper and Brianna David are now considering whether to hire a lawyer to help them strike down the city's ban.

"I guess what people are hoping is that it'll [the process] exhaust us, so we will give up," David said.

They claim Etowah's ordinance is an infringement of pit bull owners' civil rights. Among other things, the ordinance calls for pit bull owners to shut their windows whenever the dogs are inside of their home to ensure they do not escape. Also, pit bull owners must provide proof to the city they have $100,000 of public liability insurance.

"What we're doing now, we're fundraising," Cooper said. "We're going for our retainer and then once that's met, she [their lawyer] will take the appropriate steps that are necessary."

Cooper said an attorney from Chattanooga has expressed interest in their situation.

Over the last two months, 10News has repeatedly reached out for comment to Etowah Mayor Jim Bull and city commissioners who voted to support the ban. So far, none of them have yet to comment.

However, one commissioner did tell 10News Sunday he voted against the ban because he thought the leash laws Etowah had in place prior to the new ordinance were sufficient.

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