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Your Stories: Raise The Tree

6:42 PM, Dec 5, 2012   |    comments
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  • Raise the Tree
  • It's Christmas time in Tennessee.  Time for trees, love and giving, and there's one way you can combine all three this holiday. 

    From raising the tempo on stage to raising the tree. Dirty Guv'nahs Frontman James Trimble and friend Paul Dickenson love Christmas.

    "We believe that people need to start using real trees again. We think there's a spirit about it that's really special," says Trimble.

    So special the two decided to start a business, Raise the Tree.

    "He's kind of an entrepreneur in spirit and so am I," says Dickenson.

    The two friends and now business partners left town three years ago in search of the perfect Christmas tree farm and they found their guy in North Carolina.

    "He's one of he biggest botanists from around the area," says Trimble.

    So you make the order and they bring the tree to your house.

    "We show up at their house much like this one and we put the tree in the stand and do the unveil, we cut the strings off and there it is," says Trimble.

    "When you bring a Christmas tree into someone's house it's like Christmas is here. That represents the start of Christmas for a lot of people," says Dickenson.

    And this business gives back. 25% of proceeds go to the charity of the customer's choice, organizations like KARM and Second Harvest.

    "It's a great thing to know that we are helping causes that we've been connected to," says Trimble.

    And as with any new business, they have issues too, but they roll with it.

    "It's all about problem solving. Our trailer broke already and so we had to figure out what we were going to do. We found another trailer. All businesses you have to learn how to solve problems. It's a good learning experience," says Dickenson.

    So, do the unsuspecting homeowners know their Christmas tree delivery man is also a rock star?

    "With that beard it kind of throws people off a bit," says Dickenson.

    "We are talking different demographics, people buying trees and going to concerts," says Trimble.

    Raise the Tree, raising spirits and money for a good cause.

    One of Your Stories. There's no place like this one.




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