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DIY on the Fly: Dress up your presents

3:58 PM, Dec 4, 2012   |    comments
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The ladies from DIY on the Fly have come up with some interesting ways to wrap your presents.

Cheryl Burchett and Margot Potter scoured the house and came up with these four simple ways to spruce up your holidays.

Who knew a toilet paper roll could be up-cycled? Holiday poppers? Yes, please.

Then Cheryl decided that one paper towel roll cut into two pieces can hold that gift card they bought me very well. A little glitter and some glue and we've got a party.

Next let's look at the stockings with care and hope that Margot's bottle of wine is there. Yep... she took a pair of fuzzy socks and put them together and put the bottle in there! Brilliant.

Then who doesn't want an extra ornament or something you can make with the kids? Ornaments can be made out of the tops of frozen vegetable cans or even a baby food jar. You were going to throw them out or recycle them anyway. Go have some fun.

Wait until next week when we bedazzle some bags.  Okay, not really... I just wanted to type bedazzle.

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