Knox, Monty, or Butch? Name the Knoxville Zoo's newest bear

6:08 PM, Dec 12, 2012   |    comments
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The Knoxville Zoo is still looking for a name for its newest addition, and they've added a new option to the list.

The young bear came to the zoo from West Virginia, where he was found wearing a dog collar and running with dogs.

The zoo is asking the public to help select a name for the bear, by making donations on their website.

Right now, Monty (taking from the county where he was found) is leading over Knox (inspired by his new home).  Now, the zoo has allowing people to vote for the name Butch, in honor of UT's new football coach.

"At $1 per vote, we'll see which name will be the first to reach the goal of $2,000 raised for Knoxville Zoo's black bears!" said a zoo press release.

You can vote at 

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The Knoxville Zoo has a new addition to the bear exhibit.

The little guy is a mere 115 pounds at his last weigh in. Tuesday, we were lucky enough to see him frolicking around the den and playing with a big stick. Maybe he can get a hockey stick and prepare to come off the Ice Bears bench.

The 11-month-old cub comes to the zoo from Waynesboro, Virginia, where he was at the Wildlife Center of West Virginia. He was found in July with a pack of dogs, wearing a collar. 

He's meeting the other bears in small increments but it seems that Otis, Ursula and Alvin are going to let the little guy stay for a while.

Since he has no official name, the zoo has a contest to name the fella. It is between Knox, where he lives now and Monty which is short for Montgomery County, where he was found. You can donate and vote at

The little guy isn't out all the time yet so be patient if you are heading to the zoo.

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