City leaders hold meeting for 'Downtown Wayfinding Project'

11:58 PM, Dec 4, 2012   |    comments
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Knoxville City leaders held a public meeting about the "Downtown Wayfinding Project."

The plan will put up signs throughout Downtown Knoxville, which will guide residents and visitors around the city and help them locate attractions.

"Downtown Wayfinding Project" will include gateway, pedestrian, parking and directional signs.

During the meeting, city leaders showed drawings of what those signs could look like and expanded on ways these signs could help visitors and residents. Project manager Anne Wallace said the project will be extremely helpful for visitors and residents.

"Downtown has a lot of parking, but not everybody knows where those parking resources are or how to get there, and then get from that parking spot to their destination," said Wallace. "So this will really help direct folks and motorists coming in to downtown to find those parking locations and then be able to go onto their destination."

The City Council approved almost $300,000 for the project back in September. The rest of the money will come from grants. The project should be complete in 2014.

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