Photographers snap holiday memories for families in need

5:17 PM, Dec 8, 2012   |    comments
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Several professional photographers took nice holiday photos for several local families free of charge Saturday.

This effort was a part of a worldwide effort to give families, struggling to make ends meet, a change to capture their holiday memories.

More than 30 families in Knoxville got quick makeovers and studio shots Saturday at two different locations. Each family had 90 minute sessions and left with their photos in hand.

Organizer Paul Hassell said for some families it's often their only professional photo opportunity.

"Most of these families have never had a family picture, and it's a pretty neat thing when they pull that 8x10 out of the printer, and they look at it," said Hassell. "Just the expression on their face is pretty priceless today."

Most of the volunteers were professional photographers, who donated their time, equipment and expertise. "Help Portrait" organizers said more than 50 counties across the globe took part in the event Saturday.

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