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Tiny house built small with big doses of love

9:10 PM, Dec 13, 2012   |    comments
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Just in time for Christmas, an East Tennessee homeowner with an unusual abode has completed his building project. It is the downsizing dream of Bob Pritts.

Six of his houses could fit in one single-wide mobile home.

Bob Pritts said, "18-months ago we actually started building. And as of Saturday I am now at 99.9% finished."

A little wiring and plumbing is all that's left to do on his tiny house in Anderson County.

It fulfills a vision he had five years ago.

"I saw it as an urban loft. Very sparse. Very minimal. Well, as you'll see it's English Tudor," he said. "No mortgage, no rent, more disposable income and I don't need a big place."

His place is not big.

"Go on a 26 foot sailboat for a weekend and see how cramped the space is. I'm just a hair bigger," he said.

The tiny house movement is growing on the internet where enthusiasts like Bob Pritts share ideas. He's customized his small space with higher end finishes and lots of windows to let in light.

He says downsizing was difficult, yet necessary.

"I have a lot of sentimental things. And there's only room for so many things so if it's not functional or I can't display it then it has to go," he explained.

Those practical choices even include Christmas decorations.

"Originally I put up the one I had last year which was a six and a half foot white one and then I realized my tree is eating my living room so I gave it to my grandkids," he said.

In his home design, he allocated more space for his bathroom and less space for the other end of the house.

"This is the living room, the media room, the bedroom, and office all in one little space. Everything has to be multi-tasking in a small house."

For example, his couch is a comfortable place to sit during the day and at night it folds out into a bed.

A handyman friend helped him frame the house and gave him advice on what to do himself and when to hire professionals.

"I had never built anything in my life," he said. "The first time I used a power saw to help my sister build something 30 years ago I cut the cord off the power saw so this was a whole new learning curve for me."

His house contains his blood, sweat and tears.

Bob Pritts has some advice for others interested in building a tiny house.

"Do not build off of a napkin. Buy plans. It will save you a lot of money in the long run," he said.

It's a tiny house built with a lot of love.

"It came out even better than I dreamed of. It's amazing," he said.

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