Nashville airport offering new priority security lanes

1:37 PM, Dec 15, 2012   |    comments
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Nashville International Airport opened two new priority lanes at security checkpoints earlier this week for business and frequent flyers on select airlines.

"There's no change to the footprint for the security check," said Emily Richard, airport spokeswoman. "We've taken two of the existing lanes and converted them into priority lanes."

Richard said that while the lanes have only been open a few days, the airport has heard positive feedback regarding the new lanes.

"It's going to be soft monitored, those passengers know who they are and hopefully the other flyers will choose the correct lanes," Richard said.

The airport added the extra lanes after business and frequent flyers asked for them.

Business and frequent flyers with the following airlines can now take advantage of the new lanes: Southwest Airlines' Fly By, Delta Airlines' Sky Priority, American Airlines' Priority Access, United Airlines' Premier Access, U.S. Airways' Preferred Access and Frontier Airlines' Summit, Ascent and Classic Plus.

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