Santa surprises Grainger Co. students with presents

4:15 PM, Dec 20, 2012   |    comments
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Christmas came early for 177 boys and girls in Grainger County.

On Wednesday, Santa paid them a surprise visit, thanks to help from a Pennsylvania company that adopted the school years ago.

The Rutledge Primary School students were called to the playground this morning, saying a special visitor had left them some surprises.  They screamed and squealed when they saw the brightly-wrapped packages piled outside, and began searching for the one with their name on it.

Each child got a gift picked out especially for them, from a list they made, and they were overjoyed when they ripped the paper off and saw what was inside.  Many teachers were in tears as they watched the joy on the kids' faces.

Teachers say the folks at  Penn Mutual Life Insurance just wanted to show the students what the compassion of Christmas is all.

In previous years, Santa has only visited a single classroom at the school.   This is the first year he's surprised all the kids.

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