Youth groups try to understand Connecticut tragedy through faith

11:12 PM, Dec 19, 2012   |    comments
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Wednesday night youth groups at the Faith Promise Church spent time discussing how faith will help individuals understand the tragedy in Newtown.

"For the child, there's the level of innocence; for some of them, it comes with the shock. They never experienced something like this before," explained youth pastor Matt Grimes.

He said there is a difference between explaining this sensitive subject to adults and kids. At the service, some of kids taking part had questions about why a higher power would allow something as horrible as this to happen.

Pastor Grimes said some of these kids are confused, but adds faith brings a sense of normalcy -- something he recommends parents should discuss during events like this.

"No matter how crazy things tend to be, in these types of events, it's not just chaos ensuing, but there is control," he added.

Pastor Grimes added this is a conversation that won't end this week; it will continue on for the foreseeable future as folks will have questions about why or how this happened as kids begin to understand and comprehend what happened in Connecticut

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