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Family will celebrate Christmas in home they helped build

4:37 PM, Dec 20, 2012   |    comments
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An East Tennessee family will spend Christmas in their new house thanks to many dedicated volunteers.

Today's wet weather did not put a damper on a Habitat for Humanity success story.

"I can't explain how excited I am. I'm just thrilled. Me and my kids are just looking forward to it, we really are," Annie Begovich said.

It is a house a community built.

Now the house in South Knoxville is a home for Annie Begovich and her children Alanna and Jaedyn. They will each have their own bedroom.

"Here's my room right here and here's my closet," 11 year old Alanna pointed out on a short tour of the new house.

Her brother Jaedyn is 6 years old. He showed off his room and said, "I'm going to have pictures on the wall. And then my clothes are going to be over there."

Dozens of people took part in a ceremony to celebrate move-in day. Annie got a bible from the Habitat for Humanity board, a tree from KUB, and food for her new pantry from Second Harvest Food Bank.


She got the keys to her house today but this wasn't the family's first look inside their home. Annie Begovich helped build it.

"Everything. Nailed the wood. Put the walls up. Paint. Everything in the house that they needed me to do," she said.

She earned 500 hours of credit through volunteer service at Habitat's retail store and by attending homeownership classes, like budgeting.

"I don't take for granted the hard work that was put into this house to help make this happen for me and my kids," she said.

Annie started the process a year and a half ago. "The Point" church got involved last Christmas.

"We decided to give our entire Christmas offering away to do something really impactful for the community," "The Point" Lead Pastor Matt Peeples said.

They provided $13,000 for Habitat for Humanity and lots of muscle to help build the house.

"To come out here and see nothing but a slab and then each week it looks more and more like a house until finally we're walking in here and seeing this home that they're now going to live in," he said. "It's kind of humbling."

Habitat builds dozens of houses every year with the help of partners, volunteers, and new homeowners like Annie.

Alanna said, "I think we're going to have fun in here."

Matt Peeples said, "We just really feel blessed that we didn't just get to build a Habitat house but we got to build one with Annie."

Annie had the last word at the celebration in her new living room.

She said, "It's definitely a great Christmas present. And I just bless everybody. God bless you guys and everybody who helped."

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