KPD officer violated procedures in West Town Mall shooting

7:54 PM, Dec 21, 2012   |    comments
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Video: Web exclusive: Dash cam video from West Town Mall shooting

  • Cobb County, Georgia. 1/22/04
  • Officer Christopher Edmunds

A Knoxville Police officer will be taken off patrol after violating procedures during a shooting last month at West Town Mall.

Police say Officer Chris Edmunds shot 30-year-old Abraham Dudley on November 1. Investigators said Dudley was fighting with his girlfriend in the mall parking lot when he was confronted by Edmunds.

The District Attorney General's Office cleared Edmunds of any criminal wrong-doing last week, but on Friday, KPD Chief David Rausch said Edmunds violated two departmental procedures in the shooting: using unnecessary force and use of weapon.

Rausch said that officers are not supposed to have their finger on the trigger of their weapon unless they are intending to fire.  He said Edmunds violated that procedure.  In addition, the video of the incident shows that Edmunds was "startled and shocked" when the gun went off, leading investigators to think he did not mean to discharge the weapon.

"You'll notice [dash cam video KPD released] that he is startled when the round goes off," said KPD Chief David Rausch.  "You can verbally hear him make a couple of comments that are obvious shock."

Edmunds will remain on administrative leave with pay through the holidays, then return to administrative duties at KPD.  He could return to patrol at a future date, but Rausch did not outline what steps would need to be taken for that to happen.

10News has posted a full version of the dash cam video KPD released of the incident. Edmonds cursed twice after he fired his gun.  The audio of those words were edited out of the video by WBIR staff.

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