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Missing parrot reunited with Friendsville owner

7:22 PM, Dec 26, 2012   |    comments
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A parrot went missing in Friendsville for nearly 24 hours.  The Blount County pet flew away from it's owner on Friday.  Owner Chris Cannone planned to take her bird, Princess Blue Bell, with her on a quick errand.

"I brought her out and I thought...'oh darn, I've got to clip her wings'.  I was going to take her back in to clip her wings and then go.  Something spooked her before I got her in and she took off that way [into the woods behind her residence].

Princess Blue Bell went missing in action for the first time in 12 years.  Connone's friend, who is a parrot expert, drove from Florida to help look for the animal.  They got lucky Saturday before sunset.

"I was yelling Bell, Bell.  All of a sudden I heard an 'arghhh'.  Deb goes...'what is that?'.  I said..'that's her!'," Connone said while explaining how they found the Parrot perched in a dead tree 20 feet off the ground.

Connone raised a broken limb beside Bell, the bird clinched on and was rescued.

"I told her that we're going to clip her wings so if you even step off that perch, you're gonna land on your tail feathers," said the bird owner.  "You're not leaving me again.  You're not leaving again."

The animal adventure didn't change Princess Blue Bell's loving personality one bit.

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