Spray-painted hate symbols found on Pineville street signs

11:29 PM, Dec 27, 2012   |    comments
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Pineville, Kentucky police are investigating vandalism on nine stop signs in the Wallsend Community, with symbols of hate spray-painted on them.

"Not saying it's juveniles, but it is juvenile-type crime," said Pineville detective Kevin Goodin.

Six stop signs had the letters "KKK" on them with black spray paint, another three had swastikas. The total cost of the vandalism is about $600, and at this time is being investigated as a vandalism case, not a hate crime.

"I would not relate this to the Ku Klux Klan. This is not the norm. They normally pass around some kind of documentation -- (more) well organized," Det. Goodin said.

He added investigated do not believe the suspect or suspects were motivated by racism.

"That's something that we'll keep investigating. At that point, if it is (motivated by hate), we will get federal agencies involved if it does turn out to be a hate crime," Det. Goodin said.

Wallsend neighbors responded to the vandalism, with confusion.

"I just hope they catch them and punish them," said long-time Wallsend resident Raymond Messer.

He said there have not been any racially-motivated problems in the community in the past.

"Just can't believe I saw (the signs), but it's probably a young group around here, some boys," Messer added.

The resident, along with Detective Goodin, suspect it could be a group of people who ultimately do not understand the significance of these hateful images.

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