Preserving a legacy one brick at a time

2:46 PM, Dec 28, 2012   |    comments
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The town of Farragut is named for the famous admiral and so is a park nearby.

A volunteer is spearheading the effort to improve the park and she's come up with a way for you to help.

"Farragut was the first admiral in the United States and he was a very important person in the history of the Civil War," Margot Kline said.

Margot Kline lives near the park off Northshore Drive and she's developed an interest in the history of Admiral David Farragut whose famous quote is "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!"

Long before that, he was a child soldier.

"He was only nine and half when he entered the Navy. He spent his entire life in the navy," Kline said.

She is the volunteer who has coordinated the effort to improve Admiral Farragut Park.

She showed some of the additions to the park. "This is where we have a Civil War marker that was put in place by Knox County and the town of Farragut and Hola Hora Latina which is a hispanic organization because actually Farragut's father came here from Spain so he had hispanic roots."

Volunteers have helped clean up and beautify the area.

"We've gotten bricks donated, blank bricks. Knox County Parks and Recreation has installed them but we're also doing a program to sell engraved bricks to continue doing more improvements," Kline said.

The engraved bricks would pay for improvements like landscaping. The fundraiser could help replace the existing park sign with something more elaborate that Margot Kline hopes would draw in more visitors.

"Probably a carved wood sign, the old fashioned kind, that's really tasteful and attractive at the entrance I think that would help a lot," Kline said.

Those willing to help can buy a brick for $100 and claim a part of the future of this park dedicated to a significant person in history.

"Anytime you come visit this pretty park you can look down and say hey I helped make it look as good as it does," she said.

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