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Milk prices set to rise if no action taken in Congress

9:55 PM, Dec 28, 2012   |    comments
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Stores across Tennessee are bracing for higher milk prices in 2013.

A farm bill is stalled in Congress. Without last minute action, the government would have to follow legislation dating back to the Truman presidency, which would force Washington to buy milk at inflated prices.

Experts say the price of milk could rise from its current average cost of $3.65 a gallon to as much as $7 a gallon.

"It's something you have to have in your house, like gasoline. You hear some people say 'if it gets too high I'm not going to buy it,' but they have to have it. They may just watch it more and be more careful about it," said Vance Henderson, Food County store manager.

The higher prices would be based on what it cost to produce milk in 1949.

The Senate passed a farm bill back in July of this year, but House leaders have yet to bring its version to the floor.

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