Safe ways to get home this New Year's Eve

8:25 PM, Dec 31, 2012   |    comments
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This New Year's Eve, local law enforcement officers are gearing up for a big night.

THP officers in Knox and Sevier Counties will hold a 'no refusal' enforcement campaign, as they step up patrols to arrest drunk drivers.

Before you get behind the wheel,  they want you to remember that alcohol impacts judgement.

If you do decide you've had too much to drink there are some options for getting home safely.

Kathy Hawkins McLain will be happy to help. She owns Zingo and Scooter Guys of Knoxville.

When she acquired the business over a year ago she revamped it to do away with the traditional scooter Zingo service.

Now she offers several options, including valet services, chauffeur services, and designated driver services.

Call 865-806-9086 and you can make a reservation with Kathy to have one of her six driver teams come pick you up. One will drive you and your car home, while the other follows. Then they'll both be on their way.

If your plans fall through there is a last resort. More than 18 AAA tow trucks will hit the roads Monday night, prepared to haul drivers and their cars home, but they caution drivers to use the service as a last resort.

"Tow to go is a service that is the very last resort, this is when you've taken the time to make the plans for how to get home and then it just all goes wrong," says Don Lindsey of AAA.

The service is free, and the number to call is 1-800-234-1222.

Kathy will cost you. She charges by the mile-- $45 for the first 9 miles and $65 up to twenty miles.

But what you rather see in your rear view mirror?

Kathy? Or flashing blue lights?

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