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Local Syrian-American doctor discusses crisis in Syria

9:52 PM, Jan 3, 2013   |    comments
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We're hearing from a Knoxville doctor and Syrian-American about the crisis in Syria.

A car bomb in the capitol Damascus killed another nine people in that country on Thursday. Syrian President Bashar Assad has kept his grip on Damascus, despite rebel revolts against him.

The conflict has escalated into a civil war. It's a war Children's Hospital Doctor Youhanna Al-Tawil says is killing tens of thousands of his people.

60,000 people have died since the revolt began in March of 2011, according to the United Nations.

Al-Tawil says Syrians are living without basic needs. There's no electricity, people fight for food, and the economy is shattered.

He says he fears for his friends, family and countrymen.

"Syria is the cradle of civilization, it goes back more than 10,000 BC-- the birthplace of religion, of the alphabet, of the numerical system, of science, of medicine. People of Syria are very honest, hardworking, educated, honorable people.

What started as a peaceful demonstration or uprising became a full civil war.  Crime is on the rise, extremism on the rise.  Syrian people now, they don't have basic needs; there's no electricity.  They fight for their bread, for food-- very expensive.  The economy is shattered.

Syrian people themselves are really paying the price for this. There's more than 60,000 Syrians get killed over there...and there's 100,000 injured and many in prison."

The solution for the Syrian tragedy is that the whole international community, they need to come all together, help the Syrian people find a solution, help to stop the bloodshed and help them for a full recovery."

We asked Dr. Al-Tawil about his family, but he declined to comment about them on camera for their own safety.

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