Vandals tag new baseball building at KCHS

12:39 AM, Jan 7, 2013   |    comments
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Passing drivers and walkers near Knoxville Catholic High School (KCHS) can't help but focus on the new baseball building. Not only because the brand new bullpen for the team, but also because of what's on the back of it.

Neighbor Rachel Boswell said, "I don't think anybody really wants to see that."

Someone used blue and white spray paint and took to the building; however it's not clear what the graffiti says. Still, Boswell says it's something she doesn't want her younger brother to see as he prepares to walk to his elementary school on Tuesday.

She said, "I wouldn't want my little brother to see that or get encouraged by it."

Head Baseball Coach Adam Sullivan was in Chicago, IL attending a coaches convention when he got word of the vandalism.

He said, "One of my players I guess drove by and said, 'Coach have you seen the graffiti?' And so all of a sudden my heart just sinks because I'm in Chicago and not around and stuff like that and I said, 'No send me a picture.'" Boswell also said, "It's just frustrating and kind of cowardly if you ask me that somebody would come and do that."

Team pitcher and outfielder Mason Sawicki, a KCHS Senior, said, "It was a little disheartening at first, but it's just paint. There are a lot more things around the world that's been happening. A little paint is not going to hurt anybody. As long as nobody got hurt we're happy with that."

This was not the first time vandals hit KCHS. Just this past September, someone broke into the school's "All Sports Complex", stole thousands of cups, and threw them on the field. Vandals also spray painted the words "GO FARRAGUT" on a nearby building.

It's unknown who's responsible for the recent vandalism at the high school, but the baseball coach says this is something the team doesn't need to deal with as they prepare for their season opener on March 11th.

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