Miss Olivia celebrates 10 years

7:06 PM, Jan 9, 2013   |    comments
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Every Wednesday on Live at Five at Four you see Miss Olivia prepare one of her delicious recipes.

Her restaurant in Maryville is Miss Olivia's Table. It will mark its 10th anniversary next Wednesday January 16th.

"Miss Olivia just sounded like a good southern name for a homestyle restaurant," Olivia Sipe said.

She started a restaurant in Maryville almost a decade ago.

"Southern homestyle. We don't do pinto beans and cornbread every day and I don't do beef wellington but we do most everything in between," she said.

Her meals bring back regulars to Miss Olivia's Table again and again. You'll find Bill there about once a week and Dottie Kidd is another frequent customer and friend who developed her love of cooking from her mom.

"She was always cooking for the neighbors, always taking food, and it's just a feel good thing," Dottie Kidd said.

The women bonded over food.

"Miss Olivia started bringing us her homemade potato chips and we really became good friends then because they are delicious," she said.

"We love to talk cook books together. We love to talk recipes together. And we just love to talk," Olivia said.

So when Miss Olivia decided to compile a cook book she asked her friend Dottie to contribute. At the time, Miss Olivia was writing a weekly column for a local newspaper and asked readers to send in family favorite recipes.

"Every recipe that was sent to me I put it in the book. If people spent that much time and effort they were not going to be left out of the book I don't care if there were 25 of the same recipe, we did all 25 of them," she said.

The special on this day came from the cook book courtesy of Dottie Kidd.

Olivia said, "Today we followed her recipes for our main course and for our dessert."

"The hot chicken salad that a friend shared with me.," Dottie said. "I absolutely love it. And I even crave it sometimes so I have to fix it."

Dottie had no problem sharing the recipe with Miss Olivia and the readers of the cook book.

And as Channel 10 viewers know Miss Olivia loves to share recipes from her restaurant with Live at Five at Four viewers.

"I think secret recipes are a mistake," Miss Olivia said. "I think the greatest compliment you can get is if someone tastes your food and asks you for your recipe."

She plans to have a special treat for customers next Wednesday on the 10th anniversary of Miss Olivia's Table.

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