Gottfried will have Knoxville audiences quacking up

4:55 PM, Jan 10, 2013   |    comments
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You may not recognize the name but the voice.. the VOICE!

What a pleasure it was to meet comedian Gilbert Gottfried. It's always fun to talk with someone who has made a name for a voice...hey, from a woman who snorts it's cool.

Gilbert Gottfried has been in a ton of movies and on tv, but it was his voice in the Aflac commercials that made him a household name for some. He was also the voice of another fine feathered voice in the movie, Aladdin.

Some of you may know him for his squeaky voice and squinty eyes.. I'm not being mean, it's his brand!  It's what he does! This wise- cracking man is the king of roasting stars and now his stand-up routine has landed at Side Splitters Comedy Club here in Knoxville.

Gottfried has been on stage since he was 15 years old in New York. He will be here in Knoxville for the weekend, so if you have a little time, head on over to the Cedar Bluff area.

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