Save Our Snoopies finds homes for rescue dogs

5:32 PM, Jan 10, 2013   |    comments
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In the comic strip "Charlie Brown" a beagle named Snoopy plays a prominent role. Beagles that are not cartoons make great pets.

One special East Tennessee beagle looking for a home.

A house in Halls isa home to three dogs: Copper the beagle, Luna whose a rescue puppy, and Cami a cattle dog mix. Tiffany and jerome bartlett now have a fourth. Her name is Ambrosia, their first foster dog.

"We have the time and the space and we can't have any more dogs of our own, we've got three. But it's fun to have dogs coming through and helping them out any way we can," Tiffany Bartlett said.

A non-profit group placed Ambrosia at the Bartlett's house.

Save Our Snoopies is also known as SOS Beagle Rescue. It was started more than 20 years ago by a woman who lived in Tennessee then moved to New Jersey.

"We get our beagles from about 15 kill shelters within 90 minutes of Knoxville," Beth Schultheis with Save Our Snoopies said.

She said foster families get the SOS dogs ready for adoption.

"We rely on foster families and foster homes to take in our animals and assess them, hold them, train them a little bit," Schultheis said.

Last month a shelter contacted SOS about a beagle with a mangled leg. An SOS veterinarian amputated Ambrosia's hind leg.

"The injury was over a month old. So she had been running around with this literally a hanging appendage broken below the knee," she said.

Ambrosia came to the Bartlett house skinny and a little timid. That's changed in the past few weeks.

Tiffany Bartlett said, "She has definately opened up a lot more as far as playing and wrestling and playing with the other dogs and kind of become part of their pack."

The lack of a leg is not slowing her down.

"The second day we got her she was going up down up down. We're calling it her stair exercises. She's doing her daily exercise getting strong," she said.

SOS has a strong adoption rate at 100%. The group saved about 200 dogs last year. A lot of them ended up in New Jersey.

Beth Schultheis explained, "Beagles are well prized as house pets up there. More so than down here where they seem to be more hunt animals."

Now SOS is hunting for a permanent home for a little beagle with a big heart.

"Helping her heal and helping her become adjusted to a family life where she'll be able to go make somebody's family very, very happy," Bartlett said.

After time in the foster home, Ambrosia has landed on her feet. All three of them.

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