East TN gun owners await Biden's recommendations

2:16 AM, Jan 14, 2013   |    comments
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Vice-President Joe Biden is expected to present President Barack Obama with recommendations on how to reduce gun violence in the United States by Tuesday.

President Obama ordered Biden and a task force to come up with recommendations shortly after the Sandy Hook school shooting in December. Biden told reporters Friday a consensus is emerging over banning high capacity ammunition magazine and enforcing more background checks.

East Tennessee gun owners told 10News this weekend they were anxious to see what Biden would propose.

Wayne Johnson has owned the Sevier Indoor Range for 12 years in Sevierville. He said while he agrees background checks are important, he does not believe there is a simple solution to stop shootings like the one in Newtown.

"Could there have been a law that prevented that?" Johnson said.

And, Sevierville gun owner Michael Maddron said he does not believe banning high capacity ammunition is the way to go.

"I feel like taking away high capacity magazines compromises their [gun owners] ability to protect themselves," he said.

Some East Tennesseans feel the answer lays in education.

Pastor Kevin Perry of Word of Life Ministries in East Knoxville has helped organize the "Victory over Violence" march in downtown Knoxville over several years. He said he believes the White House needs to present more programs in our schools and prisons that target violent behavior.

"Education is the key, first and foremost," Perry said.

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