Flooding continues to cover roads, close schools

10:51 AM, Jan 15, 2013   |    comments
  • Jones Cove Rd. in Sevierville. 1/15/13 Submitted by Michelle Lowe Clark
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After several hours of heavy rain, more East Tennessee roads are flooding prompting some school systems to close.

For an up-to-date list of school closings, click here.

Emergency dispatchers say some roads have standing water while others are completely barricaded.

The following is a list of problem area roads by county:

Knox County

  • Dutch Valley at Anderson Place
  • West Emory at Pollier

Blount County
Barricades up at :

  •         Chota Road and Allegheny Loop
  •         Calderwood Highway at Porter Bridge
  •         Blackberry Way at McGhee Road

    Near Walland -

  •         West Miller's Cove Road near the churches
  •         Blockhouse Road at New Blockhouse road
  •         Centennial Church Road and Helton
  •         Pea Ridge Road at River Ford Road,
  •         River Ford Road at Ellejoy


  •         Carrs Creek Road
  •         Lover's Lane
  •         Cedar Creek Road - barricades began at midnight Monday night

Monroe County

  • Black Mountain Rd and Barney Creek
  • Old Federal Rd and Husky Rd.
  • Fairview Rd at the Bridge

Sevier County

  • Sevierville
  •     Closed
  •         Burdern Hill (Bridge)
  •     Flooded
  •         Apple Valley Rd.
  • Pigeon Forge
  •     Closed
  •         River Divide
  •         Willow View
  •         Tiger Dr.
  •         Bud Ln.
  •         Areas of 425 & 437 Sugar Hollow Rd (trees and power lines down)
  •     Flooded
  •         Golden Circle at Bud Lane
  •         Oldham Circle at Boogertown
  •         River Divide
  •         Battle Hill Area
  • Seymour
  •     Closed
  •         Happy Creek at Heather Lane
  •     Flooded
  •         Long Branch Rd. at Heather Lane
  • Sevier County
  •     Flooded
  •         Whites School Rd (Both entrances)
  •         River Divide Rd.
  • Pittman Center
  •     Flooded
  •         Webb Creek
  •         River Song Way (both evacutated)
  • English Mountain
  •     Flooded
  •         Jones Cove at Camp Hollow

Previous story

A day and night of heavy rain led to widespread reports of flooding across several counties and led several districts to close or delay schools for Tuesday.

The Red Cross says authorities in Blount County encouraged some residents to leave their homes after rising water overtopped an access bridge in Townsend.

The Red Cross has opened a shelter at Tuckaleechee United Methodist Church, 7322 Old Tuckaleechee Rd., for those living near the Little River who have been evacuated.

Around mid-evening, the Blount County Sheriff's Office warned residents in the area of Carnes Road, Dark Island and the Sunshine community that heavy rain was causing flooding and could make some bridges over the Little River impassable.

Blount County firefighters say a driver drove around barricades on River Ford Rd., and her car became submerged in water up to its license plate.

Crews conducted a swift water rescue to free her, but she was not injured, and a wrecker pulled her car from the water.

To the north of Townsend, Tuckaleechee Pike was flooded, and a section of River Ford Rd. was impassable.

Dispatchers in a list of counties reported that various roads were flooded, but authorities had not made any other reports of rescues or evacuations to 10News.

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