TDOT on potholes & pre-treating the roads for wintry weather

5:43 PM, Jan 16, 2013   |    comments
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Our days of heavy rain is not only causing flooding, it's also causing potholes and sinkholes on area roads.

TDOT is currently patching large potholes that have opened up in I-640 in Knox County.  There were several reports of busted tires Wednesday morning.

Here's a list of a few other rain-related road issues TDOT is dealing with on Wednesday:

  • Hamblen County - Potential sink hole developing on US 11E at log mile 4.0-4.5 eastbound. Right lane is being closed at this time.
  • Jefferson County - SR 139 to SR9 Closed due to flooding.
  • Greene County - SR 340 high water reported
  • Knox County -SR 131 E. Emory Road and Spring Street closed due to flooding. Alcoa Highway SR 129 at Woodson Road, rockslide closes one northbound lane.

With snow in the forecast, TDOT will soon need to turn their attention to preparing to treat roads for potentially icy conditions.

Unfortunately, with rain expected to fall up until it could turn to snow, it will be tough for road crews to do anything in advance to prep the roads.

"We really can't pre-treat the roads. We can't do any of the brine we lay down with so much rain. It will just get washed right off, but especially we're looking into tomorrow, freezing temperatures, there's the possibility of black ice and ice on the roadways, and TDOT maintenance crews will be ready to go," said Mark Nagi,
TDOT Spokesperson

TDOT has plenty of salt and brine available to treat the roads when crews are able to do so.

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