Flood-trapped Townsend residents out of danger

5:56 PM, Jan 16, 2013   |    comments
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More than 20 families in the Dark Island and Carr's Creek communities of Townsend spent the day trapped in their homes as waters from the swelling Little River and other streams spilled onto streets Tuesday.

"It probably come up nine to 10 feet out of the banks," recalled J.R. Mason, one of the Dark Island residents who had no way to escape from the waters that evening.

"6:00 (in the evening), we were planning on leaving and we kept on doing stuff and moving stuff, and 6:30 came and we started out and you couldn't get out," he added.

The campground community had four houses still trapped with no way to escape.

"It gets scary. Let me tell you, the water gets up and would rise fast," Mason said.

Meanwhile, rainfall from the mountains washed away Carr's Creek Road, splitting the road in the process. That is the only means of transportation for 18 families in that small, rural area.

Those residents have an alternate gravel route they can take now, but could not during the storm. Meanwhile, the Blount County Road Department spent the afternoon fixing the road before the next round of weather is expected to come.

"It could be like this for a while -- all weather dependent. If it doesn't snow and the water goes down some, they'll start on it (Thursday)," said worker Mike Whitehead.

Mason is also watching the skies, but said expect anything when living along the Little River.

"When you live on the river, it's not if it's going to flood. It's when it's going to flood," he said.

As of Wednesday night, all residents have access to other shelters in case more flooding occurs.

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