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Crossville mother takes on cyber-bullying

11:30 PM, Jan 16, 2013   |    comments
A Crossville mother took it upon herself to shut down a cyber bully
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A Crossville mother took it upon herself to shut down a cyber bully this week, after she says her daughter and several other local girls were the victims of an online, anonymous poster.

Veronica Wright says she first learned of the harassment Monday morning on Instagram, which is a popular photo-sharing website. The name of the profile shocked her "Sluts of Crossville."

The anonymous poster used pictures from the girls' Facebook profiles, many of which Wright says did not have active privacy settings. Wright says she immediately reported the pictures to Instagram and had the profile shut down. She also reported the incident to local authorities.

"The information was put out there, who's to say someone doesn't have a copy of it? And what they're going to do with it?" said Wright. "Somebody should be held accountable for this."

A spokeswoman from the National Crime Prevention Council says often, women engage in emotional and relational bullying, rather than physical.

"That's where we really see this trend coming with girls, is having the power to say something you wouldn't necessarily say to someone's face. And being able to do it in a wide forum so you have maximum impact for the insults and the things that you're saying about someone else," said Michelle Boykins of NCPC.

Wright says, she hopes her story encourages parents and their children to talk openly about cyber safety and the privacy options available at online websites.

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