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Jackknifed tractor trailer strands I-75 drivers for hours

10:36 PM, Jan 17, 2013   |    comments
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The weather caused dozens of accidents across East Tennessee Thursday evening.

A jackknifed tractor trailer on I-75 South around the Emory Road exit had traffic at a standstill for hours.

"We were trying to escape the snow and we ran right into it," said Marie Morrison from Michigan.

Weary travelers were forced to wait out the delay. For some folks, it lasted as long as three hours.

"How long we been here? How long we been here? Ugh," said Jeff Elliot from Ohio, who lost track of time.

Many people got out of their cars to stretch out their legs. Darryl Bond traveling from Canada even started playing in the snow.

"I'm sitting here and I'm thinking this is perfect packing snow. Seeing as how you've got more snow here in Knoxville than we do in Toronto, I was thinking we should get out and build a snow man or something," Bond said.

He couldn't convince his passengers to join in. After a few snowballs, gloveless and jacketless, he decided it wasn't worth the trouble.

Travelers did have one positive aspect of the wait. A spectacular snow covered sunset helped to ease the tedious wait.

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