Knoxville city workers challenged by falling trees, snow

5:20 PM, Jan 18, 2013   |    comments
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It wasn't just snow falling during Thursday's winter weather.  Lots of trees, already weakened by days of rain, couldn't hold up under the weight of so much heavy snow.  They snapped, taking down power lines and blocking roads.

Sr. Director of Public Works, Christi Branscom, says city workers cleared nearly 50 trees from streets throughout the night, with the support of the Fleet Services Division, KFD and KPD. 

In addition to getting trees out of the roadway, the city is responsible for treating city streets.  They dropped more than 960 tons of salt and 7,000 gallons of brine on the roads to make them safe for drivers.

While most of the roads are clear Friday, the City's waste contractor will not be picking up trash or recycling.  It is rescheduled for Saturday.

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