Snow and sunshine bring smiles to Knoxville

7:40 PM, Jan 18, 2013   |    comments
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Friday people took advantage of weather conditions have not been seen for a while in Knoxville.   That not only includes several inches of snow, but also abundant sunshine.  Friday was the first clear and dry day for East Tennessee since last Saturday.

Clouds and precipitation moved into East Tennessee on Sunday and hammered the region for four days with relentless rain and flooding.  Thursday afternoon the rain turned to snow showers that buried the area into the evening.

Friday school was out and so was the sun.  Mix those conditions with snow-covered hills and sleds and the result was smiles for students and parents at Lakeshore Park.

"Daddy has got sledding duty, so here we are having a big time," said Tyler Congleton as he climbed aboard a sled with his four-year-old son.  "It has been a great time for him [my son], but he is getting worn out.  We're going to go down the hill a few more times and call it a day."

Congleton and his son made a fairly fast trip down the hill, caught some air after hitting a bump, and slid to a slow stop where the snowy slope changed to grass.  The real speed demons at Lakeshore said they require steel.

"I'm using a metal sleigh instead of the plastic ones because it goes faster," said Jared Isaacs, a 7th grader at Webb School.  "We decided to come sledding at Lakeshore because it's one of the biggest hills I've sled on in Knoxville.  It's a great place to come out and sled."

The students are not the only ones normally at school who were glad to have an overdue snow day.  Rocky Hill Elementary School secretary Kristy Hall found time for a stroll in the sun along Sequoyah Hills Park.

"We did not get a snow day last year. We only were delayed one hour last year, so we love the snow days," said Hall.  "It has been a week since I've been able to come out to run.  Oh, it is gorgeous. It is absolutely gorgeous. It's warmer than what I thought it was going to be, too."

"It feels pretty great," said Isaacs.  "It's not too cold because the sun is out.  The sun is also melting the snow, which is the bad part."

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